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After many adventures around the globe as a nomadic writer and archaeologist I have come home to roost with my husband to a small island where there's a magical atmosphere to inspire any author. A new beginning and a return to writing.

Highlights from previous years

I was really happy when the publishers reprinted my book The Churches and Catacombs of Early Christian Rome


I had several short stories published, including A Mammoth Leap where Simon's visit to the museum propels him into a real life mammoth hunt


My first children's book, The Ship's Kitten, was published

   further adventures

I was interviewed about The Ship's Kitten on BBC Radio and it was Ed the Owl's book of the month

Ed the owl

The Ship's Kitten had some good reviews...

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Books for Keeps November 06, 2008
A hungry lonely kitten arrives in a fishing village. Desperate to find a home, she tries again and again to get on board a boat, but is chased off... [MORE]

The Scotsman October 18, 2008
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Matilda Webb ill. Ian Benfold Haywood Happy Cat 1905117833 ... [MORE]

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